Return & Refund Policy of

72 Hour Cancellation Policy

If you are not happy with your purchase, we will accept a return of a unused product within 72 hours. To begin this process, please start by notifying our support team with an email sent to: [email protected]

Credit Card Charge-Backs (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and online E-check): has a one year money back guarantee, as follows that all clients / providers must understand that PlannMedia tracks all activity on the website. That includes: traffic reports, client website analytics, video views, URL links, phone calls, walk in traffic etc… /PlannMedia occasionally make business calls to said providers / clients to spot check tracking. PlannMedia will take each said providers / client case by case after one year. All refunds will be determined after a full investigation of tracking is determined by PlannMedia. One year money back guarantee does not include any additional services provided by PlannMedia (additional key phrases, additional videos, video changes and revisions, etc). All additional PlannMedia sales are final. One year money back guarantee cover Union Reporter’s listing ONLY.

All providers / clients that have made a purchase with PlannMedia will be subjected to the following terms and conditions in regards to charge-backs. All clients / providers must give prior notice within 72 hours of the date of purchase that follows the guidelines of the PlannMedia cancellation policy. Clients / Providers that charge-back their credit cards by way of reporting to their credit card company or merchant providers after the 72 hours has past will be subject to our national collection agencies that will use all legal powers to recover all funds. Clients may be asked to pay three times the face value of said purchase so that all parties involved will recover losses and damages.

PlannMedia will not issue refunds for products purchased through other entities, such as distributors or retail partners.